We are providing certificate & diploma in technical studies.

To promote the cultural activities of different parts and regions of our country .

To promote the tribal welfare.

To rehabilitate the drug addicts and their family.

To rehabilitate the women, children and man.

To rehabilitate the blind child, men and women and provide them education.

To promote the remarriage of widow and divorcee man and women.

To work to fill up the gap between the government agency and the citizen.

To promote the awareness regarding the safety provisions in the law.

To organize the camps regarding health, labour welfare and any other welfare activity. .

To assist the people in getting the justice.

To provide the advocates and other legal assistance to the people to get the justice.

To fight against the untouchability.

To publish the documents and reports related to the social, public , , ,environmental etc. issues

To protect the animal from the ill treatment and rehabilitate them in every possible manner .

To protect the man from victimization and exploitation.

To promote the use of renewable energy such as solar energy and wind energy etc.

To provide the information to the people through RTI.

Achievement award for sincere, honest & dedicated Govt./Semi Govt. employee, Policemen, Para Military Forces etc.

To do activities for the betterment, justification and protection for the noble cause of Human Rights. To innovate, create and develop new strategies to stop human rights abuses. And also to support growing human rights groups all over the world.

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