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Peacemaker Foundation

Peacemaker Foundation is a noble mission which is sphere headed by Mr. Santosh Kumar & Mrs. Swati Choudhary, who comes from family of educationists and learned persons. We are already involve in Indian media by our Hindi monthly magazine Peacemaker which is based on Indian Policing & Paramilitary force. We at, Peacemaker Foundation, planning to start Bravery awards to be given to students and Indian Police Personnel for their bravery. It is Our wish and dream of helping and supporting our countrymen positively, Our Motive is help and assistance to and implement any scheme for providing livelihood and Poor & destitute people. We manage and maintain schools, with an object to provide sound pre-primary, secondary and senior secondary education to children by seeking recognisation and affiliation from the educational concerned govt. authorities.

We in peacemaker foundation, Planning to Run Advance Technical colleges including Engineering & Diploma college, management Education Institute, Computer Science & Engineering Institutes, Teacher Training institute and Specialized studies & Research Institute to provide standard and high class education for B.tech/B.A/M.A/B.E & other related courses to the student according to Rules and Regulations of N.C.T of Delhi & other Government authorized education bodies, To run, maintain, manage and control the various school/colleges/training institutions/courses like: medical, dental, paramedical, Ayurvedic, homeopathic, naturopathy, pharmacy, nursing, laboratory, occupational therapy, dietician, beautician, acupuncture and acupressure therapy, Reki, magnet etc. To run management institutes/ professional & vocational courses in the field of finance including international finance, business management, commerce, computer application and allied subjects/activities, To start various kinds of training courses like-teachers training, nurses training laboratory assistant, hospital, education center cum clinics, maternity homes, child care center and such other institutions.

We are aiming to help the discarded persons like handicapped, widows, orphans and depressed persons by providing best possible training in different like toy making, art and craft, flower making and clay molding and engage in best efforts for promotion, protection, advancement help and assist in technical education, cultural activities, labour welfare, child welfare, adult education sanitation and environment & health development & help of the discarded/widow ladies to reform them by providing the training in different profession, We have also planned to raise funds by accepting donations, subscription, grant in aids, loans from the Govt. deposits and other organizations, individuals etc. In any other lawful manner for the welfare of the craftsmen and general furtherance of the above aims and objects of the society and spend the same in fulfillment of all or any of the aims and objects of the society.

We have also decided to provide the help of health camps , blood donation camp etc, To provide different opportunities for Economical Independent Profession. To provide information and education/useful knowledge and the medical advise, to general public regarding the vices of the society like smack, smoking (cigarette/biri/hukka), use of alcohol/wine, HIV-AIDS, Polio Drop, Chicken pocks etc. Through holding awareness camps for de –addiction and also organize the lectures by expert team of Doctors, Journalists, Lawyers, professionals and other learned persons, to help the street children by providing them shelter, food and education.

Peacemaker Foundation is to open, found, establish, promote, setup, run, maintain, assist, finance, support and/or help the various community development programs/ activities and also construct and develop the, pio, Dharamshala, Gaushala, Night Shelters, Old Age Homes, Orphanage, Health Care Centers, Crèche (Day Care Centers), Charitable Dispensaries, Hospitals, Naturopathy Center, Schools, Colleges, technical and Managerial Institutes, Shochalay, Libraries, Reading Room, Play Grounds, Yoga Training Centers, Gymnasiums, music and dance training center, Anganwari, Balwari , Mahila Ashram, Studios, Drama Stage and other buildings/institutions for use of General Public and for welfare of the general public. we have planned to start various programs against child labour and take up effective but reasonable and lawful steps on this connection for the welfare and rehabilitation of children, running hospitals, charitable dispensaries, mobile dispensaries, maternity homes, child welfare centers, convalescent homes, sanatorium, hostels and other similar institutions or centers for rendering or providing medical relief & to promote fine art, crafts among the public including establishment and maintenance of shilp shikshalay.

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